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Jocelyn Zanzot - Board Member

Ms. Zanzot is a landscape architect, artist and teacher originally from San Francisco. She currently resides in Auburn, Alabama.  She earned her Bachelor and Master of Landscape Architecture from the University of Oregon in 2003. Her Bachelor of Studio Arts is from Reed College with an emphasis in public art. She has worked professionally in both urban design offices and design build firms from the west coast to the deep south. Teaching positions have expanded her practices between UC Davis, Sierra Community College and the University of Pretoria, South Africa. As a former Auburn University Assistant Professor, she taught seminars and studios that explored design as a resourceful and imaginative choreography in collaboration with diverse communities towards civic health. Jocelyn's professional work and research advocates for local and regional landscape health, abundance and delight through dialogic processes.  Ms. Zanzot is a Co-Director of the Mobile Studio.

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 Board of Directors & Staff

Dana R. Chandler - Board Member & Vice President

Professor Chandler holds a Master of Arts degree in History from Auburn University.  He has held the position of TU Archivist for over five years.  His instructional duties have included teaching three courses per semester of undergraduate World Civilizations and U.S. History.  He has also taught Independent Readings in African and U.S. History.  His specialties include Pre-Columbian lithics and ancient artifacts.  Professor Chandler has acted as Head Archaeologist for The Ridge Project.  In this capacity, he has led student field work at The Ridge dig site for two consecutive summers and has conducted the archaeology station for the Lee-Scott Academy students during their field trip to The Ridge for five consecutive years.  In July 2016, the Central States Archaeological Journal published an article written by Professor Chandler entitled Initial Report on the Investigation of “The Ridge Site” Warrior Stand, Alabama.

Katrina Love -  Board Member & Secretary/Treasurer

Pastor Love is an ordained Elder of the AME Zion Church, minister, former pastor of the Creek Stand AME Zion Church, and current pastor of St. John AME Zion Church in Tuskegee.  She has provided ongoing support of historic preservation efforts in the community.   Pastor Love is a May 2013 graduate of Hood Theological Seminary, North Carolina where she earned a Master of Divinity degree.  She obtained a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Auburn University at Montgomery (AUM).  Pastor Love is a member of the Macon County Ministerial Council.

Daniel Neil - Board Member

Mr. Neil is a 25-year professional history in the Arts, Public Works, Public Design, and Community Engagement.  He currently resides in Auburn, Alabama. Mr. Neil is the former Curator of the Troy University Rosa Parks Museum.  In this role, he was responsible for curatorial and interpretive content development, exhibition design and implementation. He is a professional artist, exhibition designer, builder and community volunteer with years of experience in building small-scale community architecture and events, as well as in arts education. He works in multiple media including, painting, printmaking, photography, videography, metal sculpture, and full-scale landscape and architectural constructions. His work has been exhibited across the state of Alabama and internationally.  Mr. Neil is also a Co-Director of the Mobile Studio. 

Andrew Smith - Board Member

Mr. Smith is a native of the Creek Stand community and current Tuskegee resident.   He maintains strong ties to  Creek Stand where many family members still reside.  Mr. Smith is an avid supporter of historic preservation.  He is currently active in the U.S. Army Reserves.  

Shari Williams - Board Member & President, Executive Director

Ms. Williams' interest in family history and genealogy evolved into a passion for historic preservation within her maternal ancestral communities of Boromville, Creek Stand and Warrior Stand.  Her preservation activities include nominating the Creek Stand AME Zion Church cemetery to the Alabama Historical Commission's historic cemetery register, spearheading a donor campaign to purchase and erect a historic cemetery marker at the site, and writing the grant proposal that launched The Ridge Project.  Ms. Williams is a 2012 National Trust for Historic Preservation Diversity Scholar. She holds a Master of Public Administration degree from the University of Memphis and a Bachelor of Science degree in Journalism from Bowling Green State University.  Ms. Williams is currently a doctoral student in the History Department at Auburn University.

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