The Tuskegee News – 1952 and 1953

According to the Encyclopedia of Alabama online, The Tuskegee News newspaper was the first to be published after Tuskegee was incorporated in 1843.  The first edition was published in 1865.

In the 1950s, Dr. J.M. Glenn, the son of the Rev. J.W Glenn of the Methodist Alabama Conference, wrote articles and guest columns for the Tuskegee News.  The Glenn’s were early Alabama settlers and they had ties to Bullock, Russell and Macon counties. Dr. Glenn was born about 1870.  His columns written about The Ridge communities and surrounding areas in 1952 and 1953 are accessible by clicking on the links shown below.  

A special acknowledgement is made to Mr. Glenn Drummond, Macon County Archivist, for transcribing and sharing these articles.  According to Mr. Drummond, Dr. Glenn conducted research to obtain the dates and facts cited in these articles at the library of the Alabama Polytechnic Institute (API), which is now called Auburn University.  Dr. Glenn travelled round-trip from his residence in Bullock County near Midway by taking a bus to Montgomery, then to Auburn and then taking the same bus routes back to his home.   

The articles are posted here are with the permission of The Tuskegee News.    “Ridge Notes” appear after some articles to provide clarification, corrections and updates.

Date of Publication                                  Title

September 11, 1952                                       
Backtrails Through History – Old Cotton Valley Historic Site

November 20, 1952                                        
Our Yesterdays – County Has Historic Past

November 27, 1952                                       
 Our Yesterdays – Origin of Alabama Told

September 17, 1953                                       
Glimpses of Yesterday – Tales of Old Creek Stand

October 22, 1953                                            
 Views and Interviews 

November 19, 1953                                  Glimpses of Yesterday - Warrior Stand Anecdotes