Images:  Above - diagram of Fort Bainbridge.  Top right:  present-day scene along the former Old Federal Road  in Boromville leading to the probable location of Fort Bainbridge. Bottom right: General John Floyd - source Wikipedia Commons - public domain.

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Fort Bainbridge - A military supply fort that was located along the Federal Road near the present-day Macon/Russell County line built by Georgia troops under the command of General John Floyd (1769-1839). 

Three Notch Road - This road was built in 1824 by Captain Daniel E. Burch for the purpose of accommodating military traffic.  The road stretched from Pensacola to Fort Mitchell in Russell County, Alabama and intersected the Old Federal Road near Ft. Bainbridge (present day Boromville). Like the Federal Road, this route served also as a traveler's road and accommodated early Alabama settlers headed for present day Bullock and Covington counties in Alabama and on into north Florida.  

Lewis, Captain Kendall ​- Proprietor of Lewis's Tavern along the Federal Road that was located near the site of Fort Bainbridge (present-day Boromville) from about 1817-1825.  The tavern was a stagecoach stop along the Federal Road.  Lewis operated the tavern as a partner with Big Warrior, the Creek Indian Chief who was father-in-law to Lewis.