Above; Tuskegee University students  and R. Perry open the excavation pit, summer 2012.  Right: Brass duck artifact found by Tuskegee University students summer 2012.

Left: Rob Perry and Dana Chandler investigate soil in a wooded area near the Interpretive Center, summer 2012.  

Right:  D. Chandler instructs students from Lee-Scott Academy on their field trip to The Ridge dig site and Interpretive Center, fall 2013.

Above: G. Drummond, D. Chandler and students from summer 2013 History class at The Ridge Dig site.  Right: Artifacts found during summer 2013 dig from top clockwise: 1700s French gun flint, animal's tooth, possible knife fragment, Woodland point, late Archaic stemmed point, hand forged nails, 1700s English colonial pipe bowl.  Center: Large walnut brushed pottery fragment - Warrior Stand variant.