Note:  The information appearing in this section was derived from a variety of primary and secondary sources.  Primary Sources include:  Macon County deeds, mortgages and wills  filed in Probate Judge’s office of Macon County Courthouse, Tuskegee, Alabama, and Alabama Death Certificates. Secondary sources include: various internet U.S. Federal Census records, family tree, marriage and death records; oral histories provided by family members and descendants of allied families from The Ridge; and, the four volume series A Rockaway in Talbot: Travels in an Old Georgia County.  Submission of information and documentation from site visitors to correct and/or expand on the information appearing in this section is requested.  Click here  to submit corrections and/or additional information.   The surname Reed referenced in the following information occurs with several spelling variations to include Read, Reid and Ried in the U.S. Federal Census and other records and documentation.  The “Read” version of the surname is used consistently throughout this summary.


Three Mahone brothers were pioneer settlers in Talbot County, Georgia before 1827. The parents of these three brothers were Peter Mahone (born about 1730 in Virginia) and Mary Ann Flournoy (born about 1766 in Virginia).  The names of the three brothers were Rowland Mahone, Peter Flournoy Mahone, and Thomas Mahone.  Rowland and Peter Flournoy remained in Georgia until death. Thomas moved to a plantation near Auburn.  In 1850 he resided in District 21 in Macon County, Alabama, according to the U.S. Federal Census. 


Thomas Mahone was born about 1790 in Chesterfield County, Virginia and died 4/4/1867 in Rutledge, Crenshaw County, Alabama.  He married Nancy Jones Marshall (born 7/4/1794 in Halifax County, North Carolina).  Thomas and Nancy had 11 children.  The couple lived in Putnam and Harris counties in Georgia, and also in Macon and Crenshaw counties in Alabama.  Three of their sons Marion, William and Stephen, all owned slaves and made their homes in different areas of Alabama. 


Marion – born 8/13/1812; died 7/22/1879 – buried in Loachapoka Cemetery
William – born 1/2/1815; died 11/24/1888 – buried in Rutledge, Crenshaw County 

Stephen Marshall– born 11/1/1816; died 12/22/1857 – buried in Warrior Stand Cemetery.  Married Nancy Ray Kennon 1835 in Georgia.  Nancy was born November 22, 1816 in Lincoln County, Georgia.  She died April 5, 1886 in Rutledge,  Crenshaw County, Alabama.



The four volume series, A Rockaway in Talbot: Travels in an Old Georgia County, written and published by William H Davidson, is a good resource for information on the Mahone family in Talbot County, Georgia.  (The series is currently out of print but may be found in local libraries.  There is a set in the collection of the Chattahoochee Valley Library System at the Macon Road branch in Columbus, Georgia).  Davidson states that Rowland Mahone established his plantation a half mile from the plantation home of William Blount Marshall and that the Mahone and Marshall families were friends for many years.  


Stephen Marshall Mahone , the son of Thomas Mahone and Nancy Jones Marshall, married Nancy R. Kennon in Georgia in 1835.  The family left Georgia during Alabama Fever and migrated to Warrior Stand.  In 1848, Stephen Marshall purchased two parcels near Warrior Stand jointly with Nathan Read.  Nancy’s sister Eliza was the wife of Nathan Read.  One parcel consisted of 80.25 acres.  The other consisted of just a tad over 40 acres.    Nathan Read, the son of Asa Read, was also an Alabama Fever settler from Georgia.  The Read family was found in Putnam and Harris counties in Georgia prior to migrating to Macon County, Alabama.  According to General Land Office certificate numbers  9092 and 9093 the Macon County property purchased was:


80.25 acres – the east half of the south east quarter of section ten, in Township 15 of Range 25 East.”

40+ acres - “the south west quarter of the south east quarter of section ten in Township Fifteen of range twenty five.”  


(Parcel information source: Bureau of Land Management –


Back then, these parcels would have been near the Federal Road. In the present day, these parcels are just south of County Road 10, not far from the juncture of County Roads 10 and 5.  


Stephen Marshall Mahone’s property inventory of December 22, 1857 includes these slaves:


Mary & child$900.00
Rebecca & child$1,200.00

The total value of the estate, including enslaved persons, was $11,300.00.


In his will, the young husband and father Stephen Marshall Mahone specified that his body be buried plainly but in a decent and Christian-like manner, that his debts be paid out of any money that may belong to his estate, that his children have a good education if they desire it and have the disposition to obtain it.  Of his slaves, Stephen specified that they be kindly and humanly treated and if hired out, that they be hired privately and provided with good homes.  He also willed that his property be evenly divided between his wife and children.  The witnesses to the will were:  James E. Ellison, John P. Read and Daniel H. Slaton.  After Stephen’s death, Nancy Mahone moved away to Rutledge in Crenshaw County, Alabama to reunite with family members.  She is enumerated in Crenshaw County on the 1870 U.S. Census.