• Artifacts have been discovered within The Ridge Project area to confirm that the Native American presence in The Ridge spans the Archaic, Woodland and Mississippian cultural periods.
  • The Native American trading path through The Ridge was essential for the deer-skin trade between the Creek Indians and the colonists. In return for deer-skins, the Creeks acquired European items such as guns and other weapons, ammunition, cloth and clothing, beads and metal tools.
  • Creekwood, an antebellum mansion, is located within The Ridge Project area on County Road 79.  The mansion, built in 1850 is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  Currently, it is privately owned.
  • Boromville, formerly Fort Bainbridge, was the location of Fort Bainbridge, which was a military supply outpost during the Creek Indian conflict.  The village was also the location of Lewis Tavern.  Lewis Tavern was one of three stage coach taverns in the project area.  The others were Sampson Lanier's Tavern in Creek Stand and Big Warrior's Tavern in Warrior Stand.
  • The Creek Stand and Cooper Chapel AME Zion churches located in The Ridge were used as "round-up" locations during the U.S Public Health Service Syphilis Study, also known as the Tuskegee Syphilis Study.  U.S. Public health workers met study subjects at these locations to perform exams and/or to transport them to Tuskegee for exams or procedures. Study subjects are buried in the cemeteries at both sites.  The historic Macon County Training School was also a round up location.

The Ridge Facts and Tidbits:

Project Area Description

The map shows the southeast corner of Macon County, Alabama.  The blue line traces the route of County Road 10 from the north out of Tuskegee to the south at Hurtsboro.  The yellow line traces the path of the Federal Road through the project area.  The red arrow points to the line between Macon and Russell counties.  The Ridge main project area includes the Warrior Stand, Creek Stand and Boromville communities which are closest to the path of the Federal Road.  The project area also includes the communities of Sweet Pilgrim, Roba, and Hannon.  Although Hurtsboro lies within Russell County, its history intersects with Macon County history and is also included in the project area.  



Sweet Pilgrim

​Hurtsboro (Russell County)

​Creek Stand

Boromville (Fort Bainbridge)

​Big Swamp

Warrior Stand.

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