To conduct archaeological exploration and historical research to collect, preserve and display artifacts, records and information from documented and oral history resources to tell the story of the people and events of Boromville, Creek Stand and Warrior Stand from pre-historic times to the mid-1900s; to provide innovative educational opportunities, experiences and events to visitors, students, residents and
others; and to facilitate the local community’s capacity for maximizing its cultural and historic resources through community-based tourism.


- We envision a project focused on the engagement and involvement of community residents and partners in the discovery, exploration, & documentation of historical sites.  

- We envision a community made up of residents who are informed, enlightened and proud of the area’s rich history and significance to the growth and development of the culture, history and economy of Alabama and the United States.      

 - We envision a community united in purpose to maximize its cultural and historical resources. ·    


 - We envision a community with young emerging leaders who are committed to making a sustainable contribution to and investment in the area’s future health and well-being.  ·        

 - We envision a community with a vibrant and thriving cultural and historic tourism facility operating in partnership with local stakeholders to promote and develop economic security and stability.



-The past economic, sociological and psychological dynamics and their impact on the many ethnicities represented in the community’s history ·      

-The various African-American, European & Native American origins in the area and the unique contributions of each group to the community·        

-The diverse perspectives regarding the birth and growth of the community·        

-The physical, sociological, and cultural landscape of the community in the past, present and future·  


-Historical interpretation based on scholarly synthesis of information as presented from divergent viewpoints in regards to the community’s history ·        

-Historical information conveyed through academic and oral tradition. ·        

-Maintenance of the community’s historical integrity through preservation of past and extant
sites and structures