Ellison, Isom - Enslaved Pioneer and Freedman - born about 1843 in Alabama

Isom's mother was Matilda Ellison, born about 1820 in Georgia.  Isom's father is unknown.  Isom married Clara Borom, born about 1848 in Alabama.; Their marriage date is unknown.   It is believed, though not documented, that Matilda migrated to Creek Stand while enslaved by the white Ellison family from Talbot County, Georgia.  Most likely, Matilda’a journey from Talbot County, Georgia was made via the Old Federal Road.  Perhaps the journey was made when Matilda was carrying her unborn son, Isom.

When slavery ended, Isom and Clara continued to live in Macon County and there raised 13 children.  Much is unknown about Isom Ellison as there are no clues in the census records and no written or oral family record of his life.  As a freedman, Isom made his living and supported his family as a farmer.  In 1867, African-American men exercised their right to vote as citizens of the United States for the first time.   Isom’s name appears on the 1867 Voter Registration list for Macon   County, Alabama.  His choice to carry out the privilege and responsibility immediately after his enfranchisement is indicative that he was a conscientious contributor to the new era of freedom. His son Charlie honored  him by naming a son Isom.  Isom passed away around 1895 according to oral family history. His burial location is unknown although he likely was laid to rest in the Creek Stand AME  Zion Church  Cemetery where his grave is unmarked.

Clara was also enslaved during the early years of her life.  According to family oral history, she was the step-daughter of Abram Borom and the birth daughter of an unknown Creek Indian man.  The identity of Clara’s mother is unknown.  It is believed that Clara’s mother died when Clara was very young.  Evidently, Clara was an independent and enterprising individual as she continued to own and operate a farm after Isom’s death.  Either before or after Isom’s death, Clara came to be an owner of a significant amount of land and she evidently shared these assets with her children and she taught them how to conduct business.  After a long life of devotion to her family, Clara died in 1931.  Clara’s headstone gives February 17, 1931 as the date of death.  She is buried in the historic Creek Stand  AME  Zion Church cemetery.

Siblings of Isom Ellison: unknown

Children of Isom and Clara:  

Jack, date of birth is unknown; Mary, born about 1868 (married Anderson Hubbard); Sallie, born about 1870 (married Anderson Hubbard after Mary's death), Alex, born about 1872 (married Elizabeth Wade, then Caroline Slaton, then Parthenia Scott); Louis (or Lewis), born about 1873 (married Georgia Slaton then Lila Jones), Charlie, born about 1874 (married Lola Slaton and possibly Caroline Slaton), Mattie, born about 1878 (married William "Will" Berry, Ella, born about 1879 (married Ned Pace), Ben, born about 1881 (married Lydia "Lottie" Carter), Joseph, born about 1883 (married Catherine Wright), Carrie, born about 1884 (married Branch West), Henry, date of birth is unknown; Blanche, born about 1887 (married Stephen "Stepny" Robinson),