Dr. Cottier, Kelly Irvin and Shari Williams on a site survey, February 2012

S. Williams, K. Irvin, Glenn Drummond and Hamilton Bryant attend The Interpretive Center grand opening, May 2012

Tuskegee University student searching for artifacts on The Interpretive Center front slope, summer 2012. 


A few months after The Ridge Project was launched, we collaborated with Dr. John Cottier and graduate students Kelly Irvin and Hamilton Bryant from Auburn University to conduct site surveys in order to identify viable excavation sites.

By May of 2012, Professor Dana Chandler, Tuskegee University Archivist and History Professor, discovered Native American lithics that were just lying on the eroded slope of the Interpretive Center front lot.  He had a hunch that we had a viable dig site right under our noses.  He offered to bring his summer term American History class to the Center to open an excavation pit.  The students conducted field work the summer of 2012 and found that Professor Chandler's hunch was right.  The students found Native American and other artifacts that were so significant that Professor Chandler and a new group of students returned the summer of 2013 to continue the excavation.

Mr. Rob Perry and Mr. Glenn Drummond assisted with the Tuskegee student excavations.

Additional excavations were conducted during the fall of 2012 and the fall of 2013 by fourth grade students from Lee-Scott Academy in Auburn.  The students participated in a dig and other activities during their field trip to The Ridge Interpretive Center.  Their discoveries included flakes, arrowheads, pottery pieces, charcoal and daub.

Professor Chandler wrote a site investigation summary report of the Tuskegee student digs and artifact discoveries.