Left: Summer 2013 - gathering corn for the "Taste of the Ridge" food festival.  Center: March 2013 - descendants of early settlers visited The Ridge. Right: Summer 2012 student fellow and parent at award celebration.


The scope of educational activities has included presentations to groups on location at the Interpretive Center and at other locations, hosting individuals and groups on site for tours, hosting classroom field trips and field study, and providing individuals and groups with family history information and information about the local history.  Our major accomplishments include providing an educational opportunity for two consecutive years to students from Tuskegee University and students from Lee-Scott Academy. The following is a timeline and summary of activities:

1.      May 2012 – Family Trees in The Ridge genealogy workshop at Creek Stand AME Zion Church

2.      June/July 2012 - Tuskegee University History Class excavation at the Interpretive Center

3.      Summer 2012 – Presentation to Hannon Community Reunion participants at the Interpretive Center

4.      Summer 2012 – Student fellow selected to participate in digs and assist with development of an early 20th century artifacts


5.     September 2012 – Lee-Scott Academy Fourth Grade Field Trip to The Ridge Interpretive Center and Warrior Stand Fire Station

6.      November 2012 - Presentation to Smith family descendants including an overview of the project and local history at the Interpretive

         Center.  The presentation also included a tour of the historic display in the Creek Stand AME Zion Church.

7.      November 2012 – Hosted Mr. Frank White from the Alabama Historical Commission.  The visit to the area included an overview of the


          presented at the Interpretive Center and a driving tour of The Ridge Project area.
8.       January 2013 - Presentation made to the Chattahoochee Valley Historical Society, Valley, Alabama
9.      February 2013 - Presentation made to the Macon County Bridge Builder’s Group in partnership with Auburn University’s Community and

          Civic Engagement Initiative
10.    Winter & spring 2013 - Auburn University Community & Civic Engagement practicum students conducted a cemetery project with the  

           Creek Stand AME Zion Church.  
11.    March 2013 - Hosted the McLeod and Perry families for a tour of the Warrior Stand cemetery and Interpretive Center. Exchanged family  

          history information and discussed the presence and legacies of the white farmers who held land but who were not of the “planter class.”